This page serves as a repository for some technical projects I have completed. This list is by no means complete and is not completely representative of my abilities. However, I've maintained it so an idea of my skills can be shown. Please contact me if you are interested in other projects I have contributed to. - Study on Deceptive Online Post-transaction Marketing Offers (link). [2013-14]

This project was developed by myself for a number of publications [ECIS 2014 and my master's thesis]. For this project, I created a fully-functional experimental environment that included a small music store, a post-transaction offer, and a survey. I engineered the site from the bottom-up including all server and database administration, design and implementation of the website, and statistical analysis of the results. This experiment was run on over 1000 people recruited through Amazon Mechanical Turk. Code for this project is located here.

FlipIt - The Game of Stealthy Takeover (link). [2012-13]

This project was developed by myself for a number of publications [WEIS 2013 and ICCM 2013] with Jens Grossklags and David Reitter (see sidebar). The system is based off of one designed by Ethan Heilman (based on a situation proposed by RSA labs), but has been significantly expanded upon (adding support for experimental treatments, persistent data, etc.). The system was used to experiment on the behavior of participants in short-term Information Security decisions in the face of an opponent with some unknown behavior. The code for this project is located here.

MEEMS - The Medical Education Electronic Mobile Service (link). [2012]

This project was jointly developed my myself, Angela Mao, Christine Zhao, and Ko Miyatake as part of the Information Systems Senior Project course, advised by Prof. Raja Sooriamurthi. We developed a cross-platform mobile application using JQuery Mobile. We used PhoneGap Build to convert the application to various native formats (the only one that is currently deployed is the Android version). For more information on this application, see the application's page.

TvTrackr - A TV-show tracking web application (link) [2011]

This project was developed by myself, Andrew Furman, Angela Mao, Ashley Jiang, and Rohit Bothra. I worked primarily behind the scenes doing database and other back-end coding work. This application was developed for the IS Junior Project Course, advised by Prof. Larry Heimann. We used Ruby on Rails and JQuery for the site, and pulled our data from TheTvDB.

This site was mostly a proof-of-concept and proof-of-ability. The site was once on deploy on Heroku (see here), but never got widespread use due to time restrictions. Nonetheless, this was an apt exposure to software development on a team, and taught us the importance of time management and utilizing various skillsets effectively. The code for this is also on GitHub.

Word Well (press release) [2010]

This game was developed for the First Annual Rosetta Stone game jam over the course of 36 hours with Ari Rubenstein, Maxwell Koo and Jacob Yanovsky. The game was designed with PyGame and Python, and was a tetris-style game where players were tasked with building words with the blocks. It was awarded third place in the competition. [2009]

Created and implemented a Data Access Layer and Database population scripts from remote data files for a site to access a wide array of online music from Worked with a team of 3 others to code a website from scratch in PHP/HTML.