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  • anochenson / nochenson

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Census records show Abraham Nochenson from Russia, but family story says Germany. Hence, it is very possible he was from Lithuania, which has been Germany and Russia at various points. On that, there is a family from Lithuania with the last name Nokhumzon / NOKUMZON / NACHEMSOHN, which may be a previous spelling. No confirmation as of yet on this, but it seems to fit.

That family seems to be from Vilna in Lithuania, and may have been friends or related to the Gaon. (נחומצון ?) -Vilna census 1887 lists NAKHUMZON as a resident ---- It looks like the Nochenson (various spellings) surname started in Lithuania and one person (Shmuel/Samuel?) moved to Denmark where the name changed to Nachemsohn.

From data available fom the LitvakSIG at, in 1888, there were 5 Nokhenson's living in Vilnius (Svencionys, Aleksandrov area)

  • Dovid and Sytka. Dovid's mother Ryvka and kids were Braina and Gena.

This Dovid might be the same david that comes from below in the Nachemsohn line. NOT SURE. More on Dovid see and here -Dovid (b. 1826) and Samuel (b. 1842) in Leckava, Kaunas, Lithuania to Mendal Menachem Nachemsohn (1801-1855) and Guta Menkin (source) -Mendel Menachem's father was David Nachemsohn (b 1785). -Samuel Nachemsohn was born in Lithuania and died in 1912 in Norway. He married Hanna (1843-1884) and had Rosa (1864-1936) and Bessie (1867-1950). the above is from searching for Nokhenson and Nachemsohn ---- Willie Nochenson (b. 20 Mar 1892; immigrated 3 Oct 1903 from Bremen, Germany) was married to Rose (b. 15 June 1893 in Michalasek, Russia). Their kids are Irving (b 15 Dec 1916) and Lilly (b 20 Dec 1922). Don't know where they fit in either.