Hello, my name is Alan Nochenson.

I'm a Full-stack software developer working for Susquehanna Investment Group since Jan 2018. While there, I've developed a number of applications for internal teams, including a tool used by security to manage firewalls, a tool used across the company to visualize storage allocation, and a change management application. Over the course of these projects, I've gained more experience leading small teams and organizing a product's lifecycle from conception to delivery.

Before that, I was a Backend Software Developer at Sift Security, which was later acquired.

Also, I teach as an Adjunct in the Department of CS at SJU and also at The Mesivta High School. At SJU, I teach Database and Intro to Computer Science courses. I've been developing software for over ten years.

Some projects I've worked on include a payment processing system for a non-profit, data analysis software for a medical quality control research team, and an API/backend for a Wine Recommendation App which led it to obtain funding.

Some of the languages I'm adept at in Python, PHP, Java, Javascript, Ruby/Rails, and more. I am a full-stack developer, with a preference towards the back-end side of development. Due to the number of tools and frameworks around, it is impossible to be familiar with them all, but I consider myself a generalist who can pick up and be fluent with any technology stack.

Aside from pure software development, I design and implement relational databases [e.g. SQL] (and I teach this). I've worked with Amazon Web Services, including EC2, S3, and Mechanical Turk.

In summer 2016, I taught 7 week-long coding classes in a "bootcamp" style. At the end of the week, students that had never programmed came out with a arcade-style game of their own design.

In 2014, I finished my MS in Information Sciences & Technology from Penn State. While completing this degree, I conducted research on computer security and privacy. I designed, programmed, and published experiments and simulations concerning how people make decisions and how psychological biases affect these decisions.

In 2012, I finished my BS in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University. This degree, as well as my Master's focused not only on the narrow programming and optimization but focused instead on all sides of the software development lifecycle from conception of an idea to wireframing and designing usecases, to iterating prototypes and successfully managing projects.

In summers 2011 and 2012, I interned for Zynga. First I worked as a Software Development Engineer on the DevOps team, and then as an Application Security Engineer.

Before that I interned at Amazon as a Software Development Engineer on the Similarities team.

Fun Fact: I'm a Black Belt and taught Tae Kwon Do with Can Do Martial Arts.

Currently I reside in Merion Station with my wife Paige and two kids Dov and Rachel