Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings
  • Alan Nochenson and Jens Grossklags. (2014). "An Online Experiment On Consumers' Susceptibility to Fall for Post-transaction Marketing Scams". In the Proceedings of the 22nd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS). (paperAIS)
  • Alan Nochenson, Jens Grossklags, and Kathryn Lambert. (2013). "Conducting an Internet Measurement Project in an Interdisciplinary Class Context: A Case Study". In the Proceedings of  the 6th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI). (abstract, paper)
  • David Reitter, Jens Grossklags and Alan Nochenson. (2013) "Risky Behavior and Self-Monitoring in a Security Economics Game of Timing". In the proceedings of the The Twelfth International Conference on Cognitive Modelling (ICCM). (paperposter)
  • Alan Nochenson and Jens Grossklags. (2013). "A Behavioral Investigation of the FlipIt Game". In The Twelfth Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS 2013). (paper, presentation)
  • Alan Nochenson and C. F. Larry Heimann. (2012). "Simulation and game-theoretic analysis of an attacker-defender game," In the Proceedings of the Third Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security (GameSec 2012), Budapest, Hungary, November 5-6, 2012. (paper, presentation, Springer)
  • Alan Nochenson and C. F. Larry Heimann. (2012). "Optimal Security Investments in Networks of Varying Size and Topology." In the proceedings of the 2nd International IEEE Workshop on Socio-Technical Aspects in Security and Trust (STAST 2012). (paper, presentation, IEEE)
  • C. F. Larry Heimann and Alan Nochenson. (2012). "The E.ffects of Loss Profi.les in Interdependent Network Security," in 2012 World Congress on Internet Security (WorldCIS), 2012, pp. 87 –92. (paperpresentation, IEEE)
Journal Articles
  • Alan Nochenson, Jens Grossklags, and C. F. Larry Heimann. (2014). "How Loss Profi.les Reveal Behavioral Biases in Interdependent Security Decisions", Int. J. Internet Technology and Secured Transactions. In press. (paperInderscience abstract)
Thesis & Working papers
  • Alan Nochenson (2014). "I didn't want that!" An Experimental Study on Deceptive Online Post-transaction Marketing Offers." Penn State M.S. Thesis (paperpresentation)
  • Alan Nochenson  (2013). A Survey of Amazon Mechanical Turk Usage in Security and Privacy User Studies. Working paper. (paper)
  • Alan Nochenson. (2012). "Optimal Decision Making in Interdependent Network Security." Carnegie Mellon Senior Honor Thesis. (paper, CMU archive)
Professional Activities
Program Committee Member:  GameSec 2012
Webmaster: WEIS 2014
Graduate Representative : IST Graduate Travel Committee (F2013-S2014) 
Vice President: Graduate Students in IST (F2013-S2014)